How To: Print and cut hacks!

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I am going to start by saying these hacks work for me, sometimes! If you have a cricut or silhouette machine then you will know they have a mind of their own sometimes and no matter how hard you try some days they just dont want to play ball!

(**Note: I currently have a cricut explore air 2 and a silhouette portrait)

I am going to go ahead and assume you have calibrated your machine and are still getting the awkward offcut that comes with the print and cut feature.

If not then go back and make sure your machine is tip top and ready to go!

Hack 1.

Make sure the sticker paper is lined up on your mat correctly. I tend to put mine ON the lines, not just inside and not outside, as close to on the line as I can get.

Then I go ahead and make sure it's stuck down properly. The sticky mats can be a real pain so I pop some washi on the corners of my paper as shown below!

Hack 2.

Grab a light, you're going to need it!

You can have the best light in a room and still get an offcut on your stickers. I find that having a light shining directly on my machine is the BIGGEST help when it comes to cutting correctly.

This light is off Amazon but any light will work, as you can see I aim it directly over the machine so it has maximum light source. This works really well, since I have been doing this my offcut 2nds are really low!

Hack 3.

The above tricks work well for me when I make die cut stickers, which have a white border around each image as shown below you'll see it cuts around the image but it has a white border

However this doesn't always work out well for me when I try and make sticker sheets, where the image is considerably smaller.

The hack I use to get a better cut on sticker sheets is to not add the white border at all. I find i get a better cut without using it.

Image is without the border..

Below image is with the border...

As you can see it doesn't look as clean cut as the ones without a border so I tend to stick to no border for the sticker sheets!

Those are my quick hacks for print and cut I really hope this helps some people out there!

Thanks for reading

Love, Clare :)

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